Excel 2013 – Find using wildcard characters

Find– Using wildcard characters

You can use wildcard characters in the Find and Replace feature in Excel to search for particular numbers or text. Two of these are the asterisk (*) and the question mark (?).

The asterisk (*) can be used to find any string of numbers   e.g. 1*1 will find 101, 1231 and 1023541

The question mark (?) can be used to find one particular number e.g 1?1 will find 101, 121, 231

However, it will also pick up 1011 and 1012 unless you tick alongside the Match entire cell contents option.

1.   Select a cell in your workbook.

2.  Click on the Find & select icon in the Editing group on the Home tab and select Find to display the dialogue box below.

Find and Replace - 2






3.  Click on the Options > > button and tick in the box alongside Match entire cell contents.

4.  Click on the Find Next or Find All buttons to find the occurrences of your search in your spreadsheet.

Find and Replace - 1

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