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Microsoft Problem Solving

  • How useful would it be to have help just when you needed it?
  • Is a deadline looming and you are stuck on a project in Word or Excel?


We offer a “just when you need it” off-site Microsoft Problem Solving service.  Simply email us the document, worksheet or presentation that you are working on and let us sort it out for you.

We will also relay what the problem was so you get some training tips as well!

These are some of the problems our clients have encountered in the past:

  • Trying to format a table – can’t delete spaces or get a new line above the table?
  • Can’t delete line spaces between text – even though there are blank spaces?
  • Would like to insert different headers/footers on different pages in your document?

  • Have lots of data that you want to analyse – and know Pivot Tables would give you the answers you requie?
  • Aware that  VLOOKUP and MATCH and INDEX would help you pick up variable data quickly – but not sure how to use these Functions?
  • Always downloading data from other sources – and then wasting time getting it into the right format?

  • Want to set up a corporate templates to save time?
  • Using all PowerPoints features to help engage your audience with your presentation

  • Mange your time and inbox with Outlooks tools
  • Quickly find the emails you want using search, filter and group
  • Creating folders to organise all your emails that you receive and send
  • Set up Rules and Quick Steps for automated tasks

Contact us on 01923 547420 or email to see how we can help.

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