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Introduction to Excel Formulae & Functions

The aim of the training is to start with the fundamental principles and slowly build on this knowledge by creating more complex Formulae using Functions.  This will also be an opportunity to fill some gaps in delegate’s knowledge.  Delegates should have basic knowledge of Excel.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to create calculations across worksheets, type simply formulae and function and understand the difference between a relative and absolute cell reference.

Course Content

Formulae and Calculations

  • Creating formulae
  • Using operators to add, subtract, multiple and divide values
  • Identifying Relative & Absolute
    cell references
  • Calculations with percentages
  • AutoSum, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE and COUNT
  • Using dates in a formula

Further Formulae functionality

  • Absolute cell references
  • Named cells and ranges in formulae
  • Creating formulae across worksheets

Introduction to Logical Functions

  • Using the SUMIF and COUNTIF functions
  • Using the IF function

Booking Details

Please email to book a place.


Thursday 22nd March 2018


This course can be delivered on-site.  Please enquire for details.


3 Hours

Delegate Nos:

6 -8


Registration 9.15am, Start 9.30 – Finish 12.30pm

Course Fee:

£65.00 plus vat


Microsoft Partner
Microsoft specialist
City Guilds
The Education & Training Foundation