Tidy up your Data

I was asked by a client recently how to tidy up text on their data lists stored in Excel.  These errors were made during the data entry process or when the data was imported from another database package.

  1. In cell B1 and B2 I have used the formula =PROPER(A1) to capitalise each letter in the text string
  2. In cell B3 I have used the formula =UPPER(A1) to capitalised letters.  Likewise you can use the LOWER function to display text as lowercase letters.
  3. When you have all the data displayed correctly, then you can delete Column A.

If too much text is displayed in one cell then you can use the Text to Columns feature found on the DATA tab to split it into two columns.  Select the Delimited option and define what is used to separate the text e.g. spaces, comma etc.

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